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We are a great place to plan your next party! We love to host:
• Birthday parties
• Pottery Parties (pick the pottery to be painted, or the pricepoint for selections)
• Mosaic parties (you choose the project or projects for your group)
• Baby showers
• Holiday gatherings
• Family parties
• Team building/Office parties
• Bridal showers

Think of Dive Into Color for Funraisers for your:

• Schools

• Churches/Synogogues

• Non-profit and charitable organizations

You can serve yummy refreshments and beverages, we’ll supply the balloons.
Pottery projects will be ready for pick-up within one week.
Mosaic projects can be taken home with a grouting kit complete with instructions, you can return to the studio after 48 hours to grout, or we can grout your mosaic for a $5 fee.

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